Investment Strategy

Meadowlark focuses on creating value for its investors through positioning each acquisition to maximize its exit value. It follows a disciplined approach in targeting well-located properties with upside potential in markets with sustainable economic growth. Acquisitions are concentrated in markets containing diversified industries with sound fundamentals supported by positive indicators such as population, employment, and wage growth. Meadowlark pursues value-add deals within these markets maximizing value by:

  • Addressing property issues ranging from correcting building/tenant issues that may have occurred from prior under-management
  • Implementing a needed capital/tenant improvement program to increase occupancy and improve upon the tenant makeup of the building
  • Correcting minor building deficiencies and enhancing the physical appeal or professional look of the asset
  • Bringing below-market leases to market
  • Utilizing appropriate financing specific to each deal’s business and exit plan

Additionally, Meadowlark is committed to providing all of its tenants with professional, pro-active local property management. We continually strive to improve upon the tenant experience promoting an open dialogue with our tenants in which we are always attentive and responsive to any of our tenants needs. Through its entrepreneurial mindset and hands-on management approach, Meadowlark continues to build a solid track record of executing on its individual property business plans, maximizing value of its assets, and providing attractive returns to its investors.

Meadowlark concentrates on pursuing quality assets in sought-after locations on investment opportunities under $10 million. This size enables Meadowlark to pursue deals with less competition from institutional investors. Through this focused strategy Meadowlark invests a significant amount of its own equity into each deal alongside its investors.